Le mille e una Palermo: discover the Arab Norman soul of Palermo through the five senses!

Well, here we are. We are pleased to announce that on May 19, Le Mille e una Palermo will start, six weekends of cultural initiatives and a web application to download that will allow you to discover the Arab-Norman heritage of the city in unconventional ways, so like the tradition for us of Sguardi Urbani.

Six weekends of free cultural events from May 19th to July 1st: from sound walks, to gastronomic routes, to the discovery  of the artisans of Monreale or walks through the gardens of the Islamic tradition, without forgetting the bicycle rides,  the game tours for children with families accompanied by the beautiful miniguides illustrated by Nina Melan (99POM).

There are also two cooking sessions organised at the Pastry Accademy of Giovanni Cappello to learn how to prepare the Sicilian “cassata” and the “martorana fruit” and the concerts in the gardens of San Giovanni degli Eremiti with the Duo-Saimé and the Palazzo della Zisa with a sound installation in care of Vacua Moenia and Emiliano Battistini.

The web application will instead be available for free on 19 May from the Apple and Android stores, allowing you to broaden your experience of the Arab-Norman heritage of the city with multimedia contents.

To organize the event we had the pleasure to collaborate with friends and professionals of high competence: Vacua Moenia and Emiliano Battistini for the sound walks and sound contents, Chiara Utro for the research on the artisans of Monreale, Silvia Messina for the reconstruction of the tradition of Islamic garden in the city, Davide Puca for the design of the tour on the markets and street food, Nina Melan of 99POM for the illustrated mini-guide, Tundesign for graphic design, Coffice for the development of the web application and the very talented guides Salvo Equizzi, Rachele Fiorelli, Elisabetta Zora, Valentina Molozzu.

We invite you to read the program and choose whether to listen, taste, touch, smell, see, ride a bike or bring your children to discover the Arab-Norman soul of the city!

Registration for walks and cooking sessions are officially open. You can register by writing to urbanisguardi@gmail.com or by calling 3381522213.

We are waiting for you!

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