Street art bike tour

We invite you to discover Palermo’s street art in an alternative and different way – by experiencing it on two wheels.

Palermo is filled with Street Art and Graffiti hotspots with artists from around the world leaving their mark and a few home-grown artists to see as well. Whether you are a seasoned visitor, on your very first trip, or have called this city home for years, it can still be difficult to spot the treasures Palermo has to offer. Our bike tour takes you in to the heart of the Street Art and Graffiti scene which is also filled with quirky places and historical relics that will most likely keep you hovering around the area long after the tour has finished!

In this three hour bike tour, your guide will point out the well-known artists and also the tags of those new on the scene. From the smallest sticker to the full scale wall mural, we guarantee this tour will leave you looking at the streets of Palermo differently.

For the occasion, we have put together the skills of Luisa, Marco and Mauro, respectively a sociologist, a semiotician and an architect who have been following this emerging and vibrant phenomenon since its beginning in the late Nineties…

We will discover together the pieces of art ( ” I Pezzi ” ), the way in which they are born, the stories of the artists and the curiosities of the places in which they are located. By bike you will discover hidden corners having an unusual reading of the city.

The tour will pass through famous Palermitan districts such as Albergheria, Kalsa, La Loggia, Borgo Vecchio.

Duration: 3 h

Cost: 30 euros per person

Availability: every day